Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Callee's Big Adventure: Callee's Third Day

Callee's Big Adventure: Callee's Third Day: Dogs, like my Toy Poodle, Callee, and my Greyhound, Asti Haley, suffer the same kinds of cancer that humans do. When Asti, was diagnosed wit...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Been Too Long!!!

Just wanted to say we will be updating our blog more frequently.. Hopefully this weekend we will catch you up for the past year as much as possible

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In case you haven't heard the new site is up and everything will now be posted over there. stymieccf.org We are rocking on the donations.. No pun intended KROQ one of their sexy employees there was kind enough to send us a package for us to auction off items to raise money for our foundation.. if you can stop taking a coffee each month and donate that money to our foundation it will be great.. You will get more out of that money than you will your coffee because we will let you follow how your money has helped the cause.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fantastic News!!!!

Stymie's vet came out after checking Stymie out and giving him his chemo treatment and said it looks like he is in complete remission. She said all of his lymphnodes are not swollen and back to being soft. She said they will not do an X-Ray on his chest to check that note until he finishes his first complete cycle in 3 weeks. She even called him a Rockstar. We are so happy we went through with treatment. This just signifies how important it is to get our foundation off the ground. Please Please Donate!!!! We will take in-kind donations and sell them to for the foundation. Or just regular donations. Even $5 a month can add up quickly. That is one Starbucks coffee you miss a month to help a family watch the stressfulness of treatment. It gives that many more days for a family to love their furry friend just a little bit longer.

We are completely non-profit meaning all my time and money we spend to setup this foundation NOTHING goes into our pocket. I am working under voluntary status for this foundation. Brian and I feel pets are families and people deserve to be able to keep their family member. Cancer can just sneak up on anyone. We don't always plan for the unexpected and costs can get really high.

I also wanted to report Stymie's brothers blood work came back and he does not have the cancer in him as of right now. Buddy their newest brother who has a heart murmur still has a murmur but the doctor considers it very low grade and starting to go away on it's own... We are so happy our pets are rocking it!!!! Thank you all for your support kind words and everything.

Please send us your story or comments here or by mail. We love getting mail.

Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation
PO Box 461805
Aurora, CO 80046

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Monday next Chemo

Wow, I have been busy and also ill. The foundation seems to be taking off and there are so many events we want to get a booth at. We are so anxious to get our conformed copy of articles of incorporation so we can mail it off to the IRS to become a 501(c)(3) charity. (Tax Exempt) Most places will only offer grants if that is your status. Since we are a non-profit all donations stay in the savings account until we have enough to fund a family. Grants are great so we can do these events and start bringing in more donations of all kinds.

Stymie has been feeling great the past couple of weeks. We are so excited to see how much he weighs now at the next chemo treatment. He started at 105 pounds and went all the way down to 75 pounds and gained 2 pounds last week which is a start. We also have to take our new addition Buddy for his 4 month heart check. When we got him as a puppy he had a heart murmur they wanted to watch. So Monday the day of love we are hoping for good news.. Our website should be almost ready to go live too.

Thank you all for reading the posts and keep spreading the word. We love you guys.